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We started to breed these unique animals in 2018. Their well-being and health are always our highest priority. The horses graze together and are outside 24/7. They have sufficient space and food and are stabled when needed.

As from 2019, two foals can be found in our fields. PC El Primo, a stallion foal that was born in Belgium on 8 May 2019 and Jaliska de la Rigole who came to us together with her mother from France. Together with the mares (Zara, Vanda and Dakota), they form the foundation for the first Curly breeding programme in Flanders and possibly also in Belgium.


RCHR Lady Midnight Zara (24/08/2007)

Our Western mare born in Germany at the Riverside Curly Horse Ranch. She is our first dam and is classed as a bay in 3 colours. She is a medium curl Curly. You can clearly see her curls in the winter. In the summer, only her mane and tail are curly.

Vanda Splashes de Quily (22/05/2009)

Our second mare born in France came to us through Elevage de la Rigole. Vanda also has minimal curls and is a grey Curly mainly trained to do dressage.

Dakota Dream (27/05/2004)

Our first pony mare born in Norway who came to us through France. Dakota has a special silver dapple colour with black undertones that we hope to see return in new foals. Dakota is a happy and kind mare that is completely trained.

PC El Primo (08/05/2019)

Our first foal: a piebald stallion from Zara. He is a very curious and enterprising horse with much Western blood.

Jaliska de la Rigole (29/04/2019)

Our second foal and an offspring of Vanda born in France. She is a timid but also curious horse.

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