I was always mad about horses as a small girl, but my mum thought these animals were dangerous. I therefore only had my first riding experience when I was 12.

I’ve learned different disciplines down the years including dressage, with a carriage, riding side-saddle and natural and Parelli horsemanship. Horse contact has also always been part of the mix. Through the children, I was also put in contact with giving lessons to mainly children and later also adults. One of my hobbyhorses when giving lessons is the impact that emotions have on your horse or pony. I also find sitting correctly on a horse or pony very important.




The lessons, horses and coaching are spread over 2 locations. The breeding programme and some of the coaching mainly take place at our own location at Moorstraat in Landegem.

Some of our horses can also be found at Deurle’s Paardenhotel at Broekstraat 44 in Deurle. Lessons and any coaching continues there. A number of our Curlies are also stabled here to help in lessons or for further trained in relation to being ridden. Use the following link to find out more about Deurle’s Paardenhotel:


Our Curly horses can always be tested to determine the allergy level that they cause. A Curly horse or pony can always be purchased and certainly when the right match is found in relation to allergy and nature.

If you would like to receive more information, EMAIL US  or call 0468 12 48 87 without obligation.