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Lessons are organised for both children and adults to learn how to deal with and ride horses and ponies in a natural and horse friendly way. Both the horse and the emotions of the person are taken into consideration.

During weekly lessons, you learn how a horse or pony thinks and lives and how you can deal with this. Building up respect and creating leadership are both important on the ground but also on the horse/pony.

Lessons take place in Deurle, in Landegem or on the move. For more information about lessons, times and method, contact us.


For everybody who wants to learn to interact with horses and ponies on the ground and on the horse/pony. The following camps and workshops have been planned:

Spring Two-day Break – Playing together and a lot of fun with and on your pony. Mainly playing many games, guiding through obstacles, on a raised site, on and under a canvas, etc. From Thursday, 27 February to Friday, 28 February.



Easter Camp – Develop pony-child skills during a whole week where work is done both on the ground and on the ponies. From Tuesday, 14 April to Friday, 17 April.



July Summer Camp – We all dream of living like American native Indians amongst the horses and ponies. We will be approaching this as much as possible during this week. From Monday, 6 July to Friday, 10 July.



August Summer Camp – For anybody who wants to learn to interact with horses and ponies on the ground and on the horse/pony. From Monday, 24 August to Friday, 28 August.



In addition to the lessons, coaching with horses is also possible if you have an existential question, if everything is becoming too much or if you are looking for a new challenge or job… Horses can help you find answers to all these questions. Or if you are looking for a team-building activity, both focusing on coaching and fun, with or without horse experience, … different possibilities can be discussed.

You can learn more about yourself or find a new direction through a coaching session with a horse (or horses) where the horses assist as co-coaches.
If you want to be coached by our horses or organise a team-building activity, contact us.

If you would like to receive more information, EMAIL US or call 0468 12 48 87 without obligation.